Our Island of Epidemics was published in Nov. 2010 by [PANK] Little Books. Buy it here. Watch the trailer. Read the blurbs. Go to the website. The hypertext version is a way to experience the stories in an online forum.

*Fourteen tiny tales recount the story of a community of island dwellers who catch their island’s strange and fleeting epidemics—epidemics like memory loss, unrequited love, magic, extrasensitive hearing, talking to animals, and dissociation—and the relationship that the people of the island have with their home, with each other, and with the diseases. That is, until one man becomes immune.

Told in the collective first-person, Our Island of Epidemics examines the nature of tale-telling when the audience for the tale includes the tellers themselves.

One of the great feats of fiction is to create a world where anything can happen. Matthew Salesses has done this with Our Island of Epidemics and, in doing so, he has revealed the great difficulty of the human condition. – Michael Kimball

A brilliant new force in contemporary fiction. I loved this book, and I would gladly follow the author anywhere. – Laura van den Berg

Endless thanks to the following journals in which these stories first appeared: Cavalier Literary Couture, Corium Magazine, Everyday Genius, Hobart, Kitty Snacks, Necessary Fiction, PANK, Pindeldyboz, Thieves Jargon, Wigleaf, Word Riot.